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We use the best ingredients and provide a great atmosphere. Looking forward to hosting you soon! 

Rule #1

Sandwich is pronounced "Sammich"

Rule # 2

A Sammich comes 1 of 3 ways

1) Plain
2)Texas Traditional
3)"The Works"

Rule #3

"Why don't you have more sauce?" 

I ain't got nothing to hide.

Rule #4

We're not Starbucks.

When you order simple you order Happy BBQ.

Rule #5

In line with Rule #4

I feel containers impede my ability to make you full. So I serve on butch paper.

If you do have to go, it better need to be duct-taped closed.

Rule #6

Money = Time
Time = Money

You work hard to spend your money (time) on us. The least we could do is make it time well spent.

Rule #7

It's not my job to make you skinny, it's my job to make you full.

Rule #8

Due to the length of time, it takes to prepare my products. I Sell out pretty much every day.

So come early!

Rule #9

100% satisfaction Guarantee

So feel free to sample.

Rule #10

My secret recipe to happy BBQ

1) A little Salt
2) A Little Pepper
3) A lotta Jesus Christ